Thursday, May 31, 2007


Frustration hit an all-time high today and yesterday as I fumbled around the house looking for things I needed and could not find. Thankfully I found two items I need in a box in the garage today when I finally got back to unpacking boxes. However, they were items I needed earlier and it's too late now! The third missing item is still MIA and I'll have to replace it if it's not found by next week.
But the good news is that I did make it into the garage twice today to unpack boxes and seperate the unwanted stuff into four boxes of yard sale stuff. I collected items that need to go in the house and have made a mess with these things as they waiting to be filed away in their rightful home. Robert seemed confused about why I was emptying out the boxes and I explained that I want to go through as many boxes as possible before the yard sale so we don't have to have another one for a very long time. I have a week from this Saturday to get it all (or most it) all together!!

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