Monday, June 4, 2007

Inherited Junk

So is it still considered junk if you inherited it from a relative who passed on? In 2003, I learned the harsh reality of pack-ratting and "too much stuff" when I had to help clean out a relative's home after they passed away. I ended up with a ton of boxes. In our other larger home I had room for her dining set, and beautiful formal china set. However, it's all in boxes now and I don't havve the space in my small house for it. My mom doesn't have the space for it either but how can I get rid of something like that?? It doesn't make much sense. It's not even really my taste, but it was okay in my other house because I wouldn't have been able to afford anything for the formal dining area anyway so it worked out well. Too bad we moved!

Fast forward to 2007 and I'm stuck with a lot of her things and boxes of china. In addition there's a dining room table and china cabinet in my garage. I've been spending most of my spare time going through boxes getting everything ready for the big June 9th yard sale. I watched "Clean House" on the Style network last night and got some more inspiration. I made it through every box we had in our garage and seperated the "keeping it" stuff from the "yard sale" stuff. I also sold two items on Craigslist for $25 which felt like a jump start to my sales this Saturday. We still have some more boxes at my dad's house and last night we went to pick some of that stuff up. My goal is to get through it all by this Saturday and it's going to be tough. My little guy is needing a lot of attention right now because he's teething and not feeling well at all.

This weekend should be a success - Not planning to make big, huge, bucks, but planning to get lots of stuff out of our way!!

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