Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Another project going on around here besides backyard demolition is bathroom 2 getting prepped for tile. Not sure why now what made us decide on tile. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Seemed like the plan was that it could have been done by the end of May and now it's almost August. Oh well! The "Wonder" Board is up and now is waiting to be sealed. Not sure how many steps until we get some tile up and a shower door... but I'll be thrilled when the day comes. I haven't had a real bath in my own house in well over a year now!
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More Plans, More Progress

Well this is a photo of the bacyard between the shed and the barn. That fencing with the big huge out-of-control vine growing on it is now gone!! I'll post some updated photos soon. We're making big plans for our big backyard. The plan is to gut it... remove everything including the barn, the shed, all fencing, etc. The shop will be built where the current barn stands. We want a lot of open space... maybe room for a half basketball court, and we have a huge wish list of back yard items we'd love to see go in. Here's our dream list:

  • Deck off the kitchen area with window converted into a bar. Deck will have built in spa.
  • Underground trampoline
  • Half Basketball Court
  • Above ground herb garden beds
  • Shop building with craft room attached. Craft room will look out over play area with window.
  • Patio for entertaining large groups (as there is no room in the house for parties!)
  • Grass area for Pepper, lawn games (we used to play a lot of croquet actually!), horse shoe pit would be fun!

Okay no more for now although I'm sure I could go on with the wish list!! I've been watching Lanscape Challenge for months now so my head is full of all kinds of outdoor goodies!

When You Want Something Done...

Sometimes you've got to do it yourself.

Our dryer has been giving us problems pretty much since we moved here. That's a long time to be dealing with the madness of running the dryer three times to get a load dry. Even though it's a huge ordeal, it has never been more important that the other projects going on. So today I got completely fed up and called Whirpool on the phone. We're all about DIY and calling a technician is not something we'd normally do. I got some lady on the phone to help me "troubleshoot" because I told her I didn't want a technician. We figured out what the problem was and I've been washing clothes like a maniac today! Apparently, when the vent is really long or goes straight up really high, there is some type of special fan needed to help the venting process. This is a part that can be purchased at an appliance store, but in the mean time, all I had to do was unhook the venting tube and let it vent into the garage... what's a little more dust and lint in the garage until I get the fan!?! Hey! I'm washing clothes at the speed of light now!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ever Evolving Blog

So I haven't been cleaning much! My clutter blog has been neglected for the sole purpose that I've been highly distracted with all of my scrapbooking. That's been a blast, but I feel like I'm still into the whole "home" thing so I've decided that this blog will take a new direction to include other home-related topics such as cooking, recipes, and home decor.

Here's a photo of Robert on the neighbor's riding lawn mower in honor of my "new direction" for this blog... That building you see on the left is scheduled to be torn down and behind you can see our view.