Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When You Want Something Done...

Sometimes you've got to do it yourself.

Our dryer has been giving us problems pretty much since we moved here. That's a long time to be dealing with the madness of running the dryer three times to get a load dry. Even though it's a huge ordeal, it has never been more important that the other projects going on. So today I got completely fed up and called Whirpool on the phone. We're all about DIY and calling a technician is not something we'd normally do. I got some lady on the phone to help me "troubleshoot" because I told her I didn't want a technician. We figured out what the problem was and I've been washing clothes like a maniac today! Apparently, when the vent is really long or goes straight up really high, there is some type of special fan needed to help the venting process. This is a part that can be purchased at an appliance store, but in the mean time, all I had to do was unhook the venting tube and let it vent into the garage... what's a little more dust and lint in the garage until I get the fan!?! Hey! I'm washing clothes at the speed of light now!!

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