Friday, May 11, 2007

Later that Same Day

I decided to take on a small project. I didn't want to get discouraged and I knew I couldn't get anything done outside this late in the evening. Joseph gets increasingly fussy as the evening plays out and evenings are not a good time to start something drastic.

I started in a kitchen cabinet where I had been throwing all things baby-kitchen-plastic related. I was taking up two shelves for bottles, nipples, breast pump paraphernalia, cups, lids, straws, plastic bowls and plates. I whittled it all down to one organized shelf and dropped the higher shelf down a notch giving me more organizing space for something else (like all those unpacked kitchen boxes in the garage!!) I bagged up the Medela breast pump accessories and put them in my Metro bag I plan to keep that is stored in my closet appropriately next to my boxed up wedding dress.

In addition to clearing a shelf, I emptied out the dish strainer that was also full of baby goodies. And once that was empty, I just store it under the sink and made the counter top clear. Here's a photo of some beautiful Salinas fresh Romaine lettuce on my lovely clear counter.
Hopefully I'll be posting more photos of my progress. With party coming up at the end of this month, I definitely want to get the kitchen as organized as possible. I think I should start with what I have inside the house and then start worrying about the boxes outside. Baby steps... it will all be about baby steps...

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