Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Keep On Keepin' On

Trying to stay motivated... I actually made a dent in the garage tonight. I decided to continue with the closet. I got it cleaned but the upper shelves were still a mess and full of things I knew were going in the yard sale. I didn't want to buy plastic bins just to hold everything and I don't have anywhere to put extra stuff anyway! So I dove into the garage and cleaned off my old dresser. It got damaged when we moved and it will not go with the vision I have for our bedroom so I have decided to get rid of that even though it has been in my family for YEARS. (just let it go!!) I decided to put the dresser in the closet and fill it with all the clothes that are going in the yard sale. So when the yard sale comes, all I have to do is move the dresser outside. It's a perfect solution and I'm so pleased that I came up with this. It eliminates something from the garage and tidies up the closet too. It's not done... I could have kept working on it, but we had a lot of company this evening.... mother/father-in-law, uncle-in-law, and two of our friends all stopped by. So I had to cut my cleaning short, but I got some good progress done today and I'm happy with that!! I need to take some photos of the garage for before/after photos.

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