Monday, May 26, 2008

Fixing the damage

Have you ever seen someone so happy to be on their hands and knees?!?

Well yesterday gave us a scare when Home Depot informed us they no longer carry the flooring we installed. Although they said they were showing nine boxes in their inventory, they couldn't find it. Thanks Salinas Home Depot. They checked other stores and said... no stores in the area had it.
But I never settle for no.
I called them today and at first I was getting the same story. Then they transfer me to the pro desk. Come to find out, the inventory system was showing four boxes in the Gilroy store. So after getting a visual confirmation that Gilroy actually knew where their boxes were, I went up to Gilroy and now Robert is installing the replacement boards.
It's starting to be quite a mess though as he has to remove more to get to the replacement area because of the type of flooring this is. Happy Memorial Day to us!
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